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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple Effective Strategies To Rewire Your Brain and Instantly Overcome Depression, End Anxiety, Manage Anger and Stop … Attacks (Change Your Life Series Book 2)




Are you feeling gripped by an overwhelming emotion of depression draining the color of your life? Do you feel dreadful from anxiety? Do you find yourself lashing out explosively in anger over everything and at everyone? Do you frequently experience panic attacks striking without warning? If so, then read on…

The fact is, we have all found ourselves being overcome by overwhelming emotions at some point in our life. However, when emotionally thrown off balance by these emotions, it is our primary responsibility to take conscious and intentional steps toward regaining our footing to find relief as quickly as possible, and to prevent any further damage to our overall mental health and wellbeing. In the late stages of my emotional breakdown episode and in my search for emotional freedom, I came across a unique but fascinating treatment option that seemed very powerful and quite different from other treatment options available for people who suffered from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. This treatment option is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). As I dug deeper into the inner workings of this therapy, the more I realized how depression, anxiety, anger and panic overtake our thoughts and plunge it into harmful directions, and how CBT can help retrain how we think and behave to serve us better.

To achieve the health and lifestyle of your dreams, you first have to understand the workings of the human mind; this is where CBT comes in. Though simple to apply, it is, however, a fantastic approach that will show you the ropes of how your thoughts rule your life and what to do to bend this rule.

In this book, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple, you will discover how you can reinvent your thoughts and your life to find true happiness. CBT is not only drug-free but entirely safe and scientifically proven to work. With the case studies and practice exercises in this book to guide you along the process, you are on your way to reclaiming control over your overall health and mental wellbeing. This book is designed to serve those who haven’t heard of CBT, those who currently work with a therapist, or are therapists or counselors themselves.

At the end of this book, you will:

Have a better understanding of what CBT means.
Understand how your thoughts determine your feelings and behaviors.
Discover science-backed research why CBT is a very effective therapeutic option in the treatment of depression, anxiety, anger, and panic attacks.
Be more aware of what you must do to ensure you get the most out of CBT.
Be enlightened on how the negative thoughts that fuel your negative emotions develop, and how you can identify them when they come to mind.
Uncover life hacks that you can apply right away to challenge and replace your negative thoughts with more balanced, healthy, and rational thoughts.
Know how to make your new, restructured thoughts your second nature, and how to monitor your feelings to prevent a relapse.
Discover tailored and proven techniques you can start right now and how you can apply them to overcome depression, end anxiety, manage anger, and stop panic attacks.
…and much more!

Now, you have a choice to get back control of your emotions and mental health. The question is, will you choose to remain in the same old negative thought pattern that makes your life a living nightmare? Or would you rather brave up and retrain your brain once and for all and live your best life?

I chose the latter during my emotional breakdown episode, and I hope you do the same too.

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