Abu Mustafa Zakariya

Concepts of Islam Simplified For Parents, Young Muslims, New Muslims, and Curious Minds



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Islam is not just 5 Pillars.

It is comprehensive guidance for all mankind for all generations for all time. Covering every aspect of life, it ranges far beyond the outward rituals, informing your attitude to this life and the next.
This book aims to make abstract Islamic concepts practical and easy to understand. In addition, it answers the wide-ranging questions that many young people and adults ask. Exploring controversial topics such as sharia law, hijab and jihad, it also explains, clearly and simply, deeper questions, such as the existence of God and how we know Islam is the right religion.

How do we know there is a God?
Who created the Creator?
How do we know that Islam is the right religion?
How do we turn our daily lives into worship?
Why do we pray?
Are women oppressed in Islam?
Why do women need to wear the hijab (headscarf)?
What is sharia law? And what is jihad?

Ideal for parents, teachers, teenagers and anyone wanting to understand what it means to live Islam.

This is a must have for every home.

Abu Mustafa Zakariya is a health sector professional and a youth worker in the Islamic community. His background is one of science, including research, and he holds multiple degrees and diplomas including a higher research doctorate degree. He is settled in the UK with his wife and children. Abu Mustafa is a student of Islamic knowledge. He has studied with authentic, erudite, classical scholars with whom he continues his learning. This book is a summary of his journey so far, explaining essential knowledge to the reader in a way that’s easy to grasp.

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