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Do you yearn to build a closer and more meaningful relationship with your Creator? Do you seek to know the true Message and Wisdom of Islam? The work I present here for your consumption is more than a book; a collection of words meant to deliver glad tidings, to educate, and to perhaps warn. It is a work driven by what I intend to be a sound and powerful Message.

This message invites readers to think freely and broaden their minds; to contemplate and seek their own truth. This passage advises people, never to blindly follow any religion without first reflecting upon the faith in question and reasoning its true meaning. Beyond all manner of faith and feeling, one must use their intellect to discover the truth behind all faiths.
This passage is intended to draw and empower the sincere seeker of truth; the one that questions, reflects, and ponders his or her life’s purpose and questions his/her future and direction. Islam, for example, is one faith that is misunderstood and misrepresented by many. Before one forms an opinion of Islam, one should question the thoroughness and truthfulness of his or her existing knowledge of this controversial religion.

★★ The Sacred Path to Islam ★★ Book seeks to connect people to the best Book that ever existed, the Holy Quran. A Divine Book designed to Guide humanity and lead them to a better life in this world and the hereafter. The Holy Quran is a unique Book that transforms the way one thinks, feels, and lives. Islam and the Holy Koran change people from within and makes them better people.

The goal is to help people find the Wisdom, Inspiration, and Beauty in Islam and The Holy Koran. Many people are not adequately educated about Allah (God)’s words, Wisdom, Advice, and develop a feeling and assumption that God is a harsh, stern, cruel, demanding God who commands people to respect Him, worship Him, and obey Him fully, and is not loving and kind to His creation. Nothing could be further from the truth. God is All-Loving; All-Merciful. The lifestyle and religion of Islam are far more than just a set of rules and regulations. This book aims to help people realize that Islam is full of wisdom, love, and mercy to all— and that it is the true religion of God.

Topics of this Book Include:

Introduction to the Religion of Islam
Who is Allah (God)
What is the Holy Quran (Coran)
Who are God’s Messengers & Prophets
Who Were the Past Nations
Who is Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him
Muslims & Non-Muslims
What is the Purpose of Life & Why Were We Created
What is Hadith & Sunnah
What are the Articles of Faith in Islam
Oneness of God (Monotheism)
Angels in Islam
God’s Scriptures
Belief in The Messengers & Prophets of God
Last Day, Resurrection, & Judgement Day
What are the Five Pillars of Islam
What is the Declaration/ Testimony of Faith in Islam
Ritualized Prayers in Islam (Salah/ Namaz)
Zakat/ Sadaqah (Giving Alms to the Poor &; Needy)
Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan
Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)
Shirk in Islam (Polytheism)
Jihad in Islam (Holy War or Struggle)
Hellfire According to Islam
Jannah (Paradise) according to Islam
Jesus Christ (Messiah) in Islam
Hijab Headscarf Veil & Muslim Women in Islam
How to Convert to Islam
May your journey to the answer, and the truth be pleasant and successful

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