Er. Tausique Ahmad Hashmi

Linguistic Miracles of The Quran



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As the era is changing people are looking the Qur’an through different lenses such the lens of poetry, literature, administration, science etc. Many scholars have worked a lot on the
many aspects of the Qur’an. But in this book, it is discussed about the literary beauty,
precision and its eloquence which Allah has used in the form of word, speech,
sentence structure, its interconnections between different surahs and overall
structure of the Qur’an
All the discussions in this book are presented in the light of the Qur’anic ayaat and
readers are encouraged to learn Allah’s speech and appreciate all of them.
As the daily life of the ummah is so busy that we hardly get chance to read the
Quran. Even if we read, we could not understand it. Even if we understand we can’t ponder
over it. This book dive deep into the linguistic perspective of the Qur’an. It drives,
inspires and triggers the readers to focus more and more on in-depth meanings in
coherence with subtilities of the noble Qur’an.
It also helps the reader to explore and reconnect with the Allah’s miraculous
revelation of the Quran which is endowed on us as mercy.

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