Clare Cairns

Public Speaking Without Fear How To Overcome Anxiety and Present With Confidence




Award-winning, top drama school director, author and entrepreneur, Clare Cairns, shares her secret tips and inside theatrical knowledge of how to create and deliver an exceptional presentation. Learn how to structure, rehearse and deliver a presentation that is inspiring, engaging, authentic and memorable. Energise yourself and your audience to sell your product, share your ideas, tell your story and reach your highest speaking potential.Through the creation of the Pressure System, Clare shares her key performing techniques to achieve public speaking and presentation success: Preparation, Rehearsal, Emotions, Stress, Super Objective, Uniform, Role-Play and Energy. She also includes practical exercises, top tips for presenting, while answering the most frequently asked public speaking questions, from “How can I stop shaking?” to “What clothes should I wear?”Whether speakers want to create a truly memorable speech, a first-class presentation, the perfect TED talk or simply become a confident, effective communicator, this book empowers the reader to overcome their anxiety and fear of public speaking.Clare Cairns: Award-Winning, Top Drama School Director, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of Public Speaking Consultancy and the Professional Performance Association, Creator of the Pressure System.Clare Cairns has trained and mentored thousands of speakers from all over the world to become passionate, inspiring and effective communicators.Her clients include a variety of high profile actors, writers, directors and speakers as well as world-famous organisations, elite private schools and world class universities. Through her signature Pressure System Training techniques, Clare combines her knowledge of the performing arts, psychology, communication and meditation to help make public speaking and presenting easier, enjoyable and successful for everyone.By empowering people to overcome their public speaking anxiety and fear, Clare is the secret weapon behind thousands of first-class presentations and truly inspiring speeches.

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