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Purification of The Heart & Soul What You Need To Know Before You Begin To Reclaim Your Heart



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The terms “purification of the heart” and “the purification of the soul” are used to mean the same thing as the soul resides in the heart. Both are used as synonyms for spirituality.

The Arabic term for purification is “tazkiyah” and it is an amazing subject.

The Prophet Mohamad, Peace be upon him, teaches us that a strong Muslim is more beloved to Allah (Subhanah wa Ta’ala) than a weak one and that in both there is good.

So tazkiyah is the process of becoming stronger by removing ‘impurities’ and by adding ‘sweeteners’.

This book isn’t an academic study. Islam is not academic. It’s more than that, much more. This book is written informally, with many stories.

It’s easy to read and was written specifically to remove the misconceptions held by many about the process of tazkiyah.

This book will be a useful tool for anyone on the path of personal liberation.

Get ready to truly reclaim your heart.

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