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The Discloser of Desires Turjuman Al-Ashwaq




This book is one of two unique versions of one of Ibn al-Arabi’s masterworks: the Turjuman al-Ashwaq (The Discloser of Desires) and his own commentary on it: Dhakhair al-Aalaq (The Precious Repository).
This great work by Ibn al-Arabi has always been characterized by its bilateral nature; on the outer form it is wonderful pure love poetry, yet it has a distinctive inner interpretation on the spiritual and divine planes. This book has been translated into English at least twice before, but the problem is how to illustrate its two completely different sides at the same time.
Therefore, this innovative translation is executed in two different modes; for the poems themselves the rhythmic style was given the priority by concentrating on the sentiments the author desired to disclose, while giving more variations and minutiae when expounding them by translating Ibn al-Arabi’s own commentaries and also extensively linking with related concepts from his other books.
This first version is published under the title: “The Discloser of Desires”, which contains the Turjuman al-Ashwaq alone, and the second takes the title: “The Precious Repository in Expounding the Discloser of Desires”, which contains Dhakhair al-Aalaq fi sharh Turjuman al-Ashwaq, and both include an extensive introduction to the book and to the Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi. The abridged and illustrated version should be enough for someone who only wants to enjoy reading this inspiring chef-d’oeuvre, while the full version could be nominated to those who would like to explore Ibn al-Arabi’s immense knowledge and prominent divine wisdom.

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