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The Essential Book of Quranic Words



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•Learn 77,500 Words of the Entire Quran with less than 5000 Basic Words*
•Clear and Complete Color Coded Word List.
•Words arranged in Root Order.
•Multiple Meanings of the Words.
•Easy Pronunciation of the Words.
•Frequency of all the Words in the Quran.
•All the Verbs Highlighted Separately.
•All the Names and the Proper Nouns in the Quran.
•All the Names of The God in the Quran.
•Full alphabetical Index of the Words.

There are about 77,500 words in the Quran which are reduced to around 15,000 words after excluding repetitions and further reduced to less than 5000 Basic Words after removing different conjugations of the same word. The words in this compilation is the Complete List of these Basic Words.

This book is Unique in the sense that it is the First and the Only Compilation available which has words similar in meanings grouped together in Root categories with Pronunciations, Frequencies, clear demarcation of Verbs, Proper Nouns and Names of The God given in one list.

The main focus of the book is to Memorize the meanings of the Words of Quran in an easy and quickest possible way. However it can be used as a Reference too.

The layout of the book has been kept bright and vibrant with lots of color highlights which aid in better retention of the words.

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