Hasan Al-Shurunbulali, S. Kose

A Complete Prayer Guide According to the Hanafi School: Nur Al-Idah (The Light of Clarification)



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About The Book
We are happy to introduce a translation of the famous classical Hanafi Fiqh Manual called Nur al-Idah (The Light of Clarification) by Imam Hasan bin Ammar bin Ali Al-Shurunbulali who is described as one of the greatest scholars of the his time (b. 1580).

This edition covers:

The basics of purification (classes of water, containers, residual foods or drinks, etiquettes of performing the call of nature etc.), wudu, ritual bath, dry ablution, wiping over footgear, rules related to menstruation and postnatal bleeding,

The basics of prayer (the call to prayer [adhan and iqaama], how the prayer is performed, its sunna, wajib and obligatory actions, what nullifies it and what does not), witr, taraweeh, prayer of a traveler, prayer of a sick person, making up missed prayers, catching the congregational prayers, prostrations of forgetfulness, recitation and gratitude, Friday prayer, Eid prayer, solar and lunar eclipse prayers, fear prayer and prayer for rain.
Included are the supplications in Arabic.

Arabic Supplications and Audio:

The audio for the Arabic supplications is at your finger tips. Just scan the QR code next to each supplication with your smartphone or tablet and listen.

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Hasan Al-Shurunbulali, S. Kose

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