Baal Kadmon

The 99 Names of Allah Acquiring The 99 Divine Qualities of God (Sacred Names Book 3)



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In the first volume of the Sacred names series : “The 72 Names of God: The 72 keys to Transformation” I discuss the power of the name. Knowing a name gives you power.

In this book we will discuss the 99 names of Allah, what they are, and how to use them to instill in yourself with the power of God.

Throughout the mystical traditions of the world, several traditions stand out as luminaries. One of these luminous traditions is Sufism. Sufism is the mystical tradition of the Muslim faith. Like any spiritual tradition, mystical interpretations are often hinted at in the main body of religious texts, but other books are needed to decipher the inner mysteries of an established canon. This applies to Islam as well.

Islam’s main holy book is the Quran. A beautifully written and deep tome. Often , in the west we do not see the depth of Islam because it has been shrouded in the deeds of a few radical people who have lost the true spirit of the Quran. This is a shame because the Quran is quite a deep book. It is much more than a book on how to conduct ones life. It is a manual for divine enlightenment. Its deeper mysteries are hidden in the text and voluminous works like the Hadith are used to tease them out. In the Hadith it discusses the 99 names of God. These names are essentially 99 qualities that God possess. These names are meant as guides in our own life. If you have ever seen picture of Muslims holding beads in their hands , those beads are used to chant the 99 names of Allah. This tradition is very much embedded in Islamic tradition.

In this book, we will learn how to tap into the 99 names of Allah and acquire the 99 divine qualities.

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