Shaikh Wali Raslan ad-Dimashqi

Concerning The Affirmation of Divine Oneness Risala Fi’T-Tawhid (Works of Shaikh Wali Raslan Ad-Dimashqi Book 1)




Shaikh Zakariyya’ al-Ansari, whose commentary on the Risala is to be found in this book, had this to say: “Now then, the science of Divine Unity is one of the most noble of the sciences, nay, it is the noblest of them all and works composed on the subject include ar-Risala ar-Raslaniyya, by the Imam well versed in the knowledge of Allah (Exalted is He), Raslan ad-Dimashqi – may Allah perfume his resting place and make Paradise his habitation. Since this is one of the most original books written on the science of Divine Unity (‘Ilm at-Tawhid), and the most comprehensive treatment of the subject within such a short space, I prayed to Allah, (Exalted is He) for help and guidance in composing a commentary that would analyze its wording and explain its meaning.”

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Shaikh Wali Raslan ad-Dimashqi

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