Abdullah Naqshbandi

The Book of Love





These days, love for this world has overpowered in our hearts and recklessness has made us increasingly distant from our Lord. Whereas, love for Allah is the basic need of every human. Our problem is that we are unaware of our Lord and ignorant of the close relationship Allah wishes to have with us, moreover we lack any desire to be close to our Creator.
The author of this treatise, Hadhrath Moulana Abdullah shah (May Allah shower his mercy on him) was a great scholar of Hadith and jurisprudence. His aim was establishment of the religion and revival of tradition. His works emerge to renew the faith in people’s heart and draw them closer to Allah. This work of Moulana Abdullah shah (May Allah showers his mercy on him) entitled ‘The Book of Love’ is remarkable for its charming presentation, influential style and simple expression. This book reminds us of what we have forgotten: love for Allah. Indeed, the author implants within us the desire to attain the proximity of Allah. Anyone who reads this book with an open heart will find himself newly aware of his Lord and will find the flame of His love lit in his heart.

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