Hesham Al-Awadi

Children Around The Prophet How Muhammad Raised The Young Companions




You know Muhammad as a messenger, military general, political leader, husband, and friend. Now embark on this unique journey as you discover the Prophet as a role model and a mentor. This book explores the life of the Prophet Muhammad from the perspective of some of his special followers – the children. You will learn how the Prophet nurtured and trained the children around him by: • Building emotional security and trust. • Helping children connect to Islamic beliefs such as Allah, the Hereafter, and the Quran. • Building positive associations with the worship of Allah. • Developing good morals and admirable behavior. • Teaching them how to manage sexual desires as they get older. • Encouraging them to be social and active members of their community. With practical tips and touching narratives, Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi guides the reader through the methods the Prophet used to tackle the complex challenges children face.

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Hesham Al-Awadi

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