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Iman – The First Pillar Tanets of Faith



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All praise be to Allah Ta’ala the Lord and Master of the worlds, Who through His infinite mercy, eternal grace, and unending benevolence has bestowed upon His servants limitless favours and bounties. The most significant of these favours is the gift of Islam.

True belief in Allah Ta’ala as Creator and Sustainer of man and the world around him is the most essential condition for salvation before the Creator. The reward of success is not trivial. The endless joy of acquiring the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala will be unlocked in the form of Heaven. But for those who fail to realise Allah Ta’ala or have faltered in acquiring true belief, the outlook is extremely dark and painful. Allah’s Ta’ala displeasure will be realised in the form of Hell.

This belief is common knowledge amongst Muslims. There are, however, many more articles of faith that a Muslim must have or at least submit to in order for complete faith to be realised. But what are these additional beliefs?

This booklet is of two parts. The first is a synopsis of the fundamental beliefs that a Muslims has. This covers belief in Allah Ta’ala, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, The Last Day, Fate, And Resurrection.

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