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Key to Purity: Women’s Personal Masa’il in the Light of Hadith & Qur’anic Verses



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All praise be to Allah Ta’ala who has rekindled the thirst for Islam around us. We see more and more people returning to submission to Allah Ta’ala and striving to please Him. To please Allah Ta’ala means to act in accordance to the guidelines set out by Him.

In order to act in accordance with His wishes, it is essential for Muslims to know and understand the commandments of Allah Ta’ala and the teachings and practical demonstrations of the Messenger PBUH which affect daily life. These are the laws that affect Muslims constantly.

Certain Islamic laws are directed exclusively at women. But these same laws are what women are generally not aware of, not because of deliberate ignorance but because of modesty and shyness, which prevent them from asking scholars (who are not always available) about these laws.

Unfortunately, men also pay very little attention to such laws, because they perceive themselves as not being affected by them directly. Thus, these laws have been compiled in the form of a booklet under separate headings, using tables, captions, and clear and concise explanations in order to facilitate easy understanding.

This book is intended to serve as a handy reference book which Muslim women can keep close by and consult easily, and not just read through once and then discard. It should be useful for not only offering guidance to those who have a practical need to refer to it., but also to educate girls for future reference.

Throughout the book the term “Mas’alah” has been used, which, as its use denotes, means “issue” or “law”.

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