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A Description of the Prophet [ PBUH ]: The Prophet Muhammad [ PBUH ]



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It is in the very nature of man to imitate. Since his infantile phase, man begins to observe, perceiving what those around him do, and then adopt selected behavior. For decades psychologists have debated why we copy others. Irrespective of the various theories presented, it is common knowledge that man imitates.

Often, role models are adopted. Someone who leads or has led an exemplary life that we admire and feel we can emulate easily becomes the object of admiration. An ideal role model, due to his greatness, presents us with the opportunity to follow and imitate and reap something of that greatness ourselves.

Many will copy their role models to the extent that they will wish that their own physical appearance be like that of their role models. This will lead them to having their hair cut in a similar manner, updating their wardrobe to match that of their role model’s or even spending a great amount of money on cosmetic surgery to have a similar face or physique.

We may now and then boast that our true role model is the Messenger of Allah ta’ala, we may even be true to this great claim, but the question is how much do we really know about him? Most of us are completely oblivious to the appearance, physique, clothing, habits, mannerism and character of the great Prophet, while knowing every detail of the so-called celebrities of today, which is really telling to who really occupiers our hearts.

This book has been compiled to give the reader a brief insight to the person of the Prophet PBUH; who he was, what he looked like and how he interacted with other people.

Exposure to beauty cultivates beauty. We pray that this book be an aide for us in following the beautiful ways of the Beloved of Allah ta’ala and a means of our salvation in the Hereafter.

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