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The best before Islam, is the best after Islam
Islamic history is full of stories of heroes especially the stories of the Prophet’s followers whose stories are the best among them; because these stories describe the Prophet’s followers’ lives who learnt directly from the prophet. Every story about the prophet’s followers is very amazing, and we should learn from it. The prophet said: “The best before Islam, is the best after Islam” which describes the prophet’s followers who were leaders before Islam and after its coming. Khalid was one of those characters who was a good leader before Islam and after its coming; because he is one of rare historical characters who didn’t lose any battle in his life before Islam and after Islam’s coming. This story is full of information about Khalid’s battles that oblige anyone to admire them and describe them as “the military legends”. The prophet’s followers were admired of Khalid’s achievements, in addition to the prophet was loving him too much, and even his enemies were admired of his achievements. All these events you can read it in this story. Here we go to read the story .

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