Abu Moosa Reza

Prophet Muhammad (A Young Adult’s Guide to the Early History of Islam)



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In this comprehensive, concise, and easy to read chronicle, Abu Moosa Reza has recounted the most defining era of Islam, its birth, at the hands of its first preacher, the Last Prophet Muhammad. By narrating the story of the budding days of Islam through the lenses of the message and the mission of the Holy Prophet, Mr. Reza has covered all critical events in the life of its founder; the events that stimulated many social, political, and intellectual movements throughout Asia and most of Europe. In contrast to many other books on the early history of Islam, this book provides the reader with a deeper perspective of the pre-Islamic sensitivities, biases, and alliances that affected the direction of Islam immediately after the demise of the Holy Prophet, both as a religion and as a political force. Many modern-day synergies and conflicts could be understood after reading this book by realizing the events past and present as a continuum rather than a one-off happening. With over 500 sources, mostly derived from the Qur’an and the recollections from the Holy Prophet’s immediate family, this concise book is a must read for anybody interested in early Islamic history.

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