Paul Amey

The Astrolabe



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Open it’ he said. Joe carefully unlatched the lid. On the brass front face there were two disks with indications about the date of the month according the sun, and the date according the moon. On the back face there were two other disks, one showing the moon month and the other the moon eclipses. There were three additional, smaller dials. ‘What is it?’ asked Lars.

He was now standing at the bottom of the chasm on a floor of translucent ice, the ice walls a deep crystal blue. The shrill screech stopped as he shined a flashlight into the wall of ice, revealing a curved wall of lustrous silver metal one metre beneath its surface.

You must come quickly with us, an old friend would like to meet with you’, he said. Joe then spotted the two tall men in long dark gray coats and wide brimmed hats standing in the row behind, bulges noticeable under their arms, probably concealing a luger pistol Joe thought.

The Astrolabe is an action and adventure story that follows the exploits of the members of one family in very dangerous times

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