Mohamed Haj Yousef

Time Chest Particle-Wave Duality From Time Confinement To Space Transcendence



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The title of this book is literal and intended for two different but complementary meanings: first because “time” is a treasure chest that may open only when we appreciate its “real nature” , and then we shall discover that our normal time is actually imaginary, and that its real part is nothing but the “space” itself, which acts like the wave-front that is the “chest” of the outward time. Therefore, scientifically speaking, the Chest of Time is the physical vacuum, or empty space, that is the “aether” , or the “quintessence” , that contains huge amount of energy, which we usually call “dark” because we don’t have access to it under our current theories!

The purpose of this book is to explain the mystery of time in a modest language away from any complex mathematical formulation or hefty philosophical pondering. All the new concepts about time and creation are extracted from the “Single Monad Model of the Cosmos” developed by the author based on Ibn al-Arabi’s theory of the “Oneness of Being” . The details of this cosmological model and all associated principles have been published in a series of books that describe this revolutionary view and its ontological foundations, comparing all that with the concluding results of modern scientific theories of physics and cosmology.

The Single Monad Model made a substantial breakthrough in mathematics, physics, and cosmology, as well as natural philosophy, because it exposes a deeper level of time and original theory of creation that could explain many persisting problems in these various fields. This research took more than three decades to crystallize, and it may be several more decades are needed to realize its immense consequences, because it goes far beyond the long-awaited Theory-of-Everything, to include all the physical, psychical and spiritual domains. This unique understanding of geometry will cause a paradigm shift in our knowledge of the fundamental nature of the cosmos and its corporeal and incorporeal structures.

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