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Zakah – The Obligation of Purity



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Allah Ta’ala, through His wisdom and mercy, has given Man the ability to work and earn. Yet, we see around us the phenomenon of prosperity and poverty intertwined. One may ask as to why this is, and what purpose it serves.

As to why is there poverty and prosperity; we know for sure that wealth is a favour from Allah Ta’ala on to whoever it is bestowed upon.

“Do not desire what Allah has favoured some of His servants over others, for men is the allotment of what they earn, and for women is the allotment of what they earn. But ask from Allah for His favour. Indeed Allah is with all things the Knowing.” Qur’an, an-Nisa’, 4:32

Zakah : This is the compulsory alms-giving which Allah Ta’ala has given the order for in the Qur’an. Its status is Fard. Zakah is only eligible upon mature, sane men and women who have the Nisab. Zakah must only be given to the specific eight categories mentioned in the Qur’an. If it is not given to any of them, then it will be void and necessary to re-pay.

There are rules relating to how much is given and also what types of wealth must the allotted portion be taken from and also which types are exempt. Details on this will be found in this book.

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