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Eternity Ab Ante – A Post (Short Treatises By Ibn Al-Arabi Book 2)




This book is a translation, with extensive annotation and comments, of one of Ibn al-Arabi’s key treatises on the subject of time. After elaborating on the different theological opinions on the subject of eternity and how it applies to divinity, the Greatest Master explains his own unique concept and relates it to our notion of time and change, and the existence of the World with respect to the ultimate transcendent Being; God, to Whom the description of eternity is attributed.
Ibn al-Arabi makes it clear that Eternity is the negation of a beginning, without any (finite or infinite) extension of time. However, to understand this, he introduces the notion of the (imaginary) Universal Reality, which is neither existing nor non-existing. This critical concept is the origin of the complex-time geometry, which explains how multiplicity is emerging from absolute Oneness, at every instance of our normal time!
This innovative concept will remove all boundaries between physics and mathematics, not only because it explains all the fundamental interactions based on the new complex-time geometry, but also because even pure mathematics becomes relativistic, since its very abstract points are being dynamically created at the speed of light, whose normalized value is identical with the fractal dimensions of space.

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